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Anglr turns unstructured data into
insights in an automated way

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90% of all data is unstructured. 90% of your company's knowledge/intellectual property is within unstructured data.

Are you taking advantage of it? What knowledge and key business insights could be hidden in support data, logs, emails, notes? Anglr is the 1st to analyse text and dig for insights without precognition or the need of someone pointing it in a certain direction.

Turn text data into actionable insights

Let Anglr help you to unveil unexpected insights and
extract valuable information.

Market Research / Consumer Insight

  • Customer satisfaction tracking
  • Ad-hoc surveys
  • Online communities

Customer Experience Management

  • Call center logs
  • Emails

Internal Data

  • Ombudsman data
  • HR data

General Research

  • Publications, news
  • R&D data
  • Medical records

"Anglr actually brings real structure in the data without compromising on insights"

- Luc Itterbeke - Head of Customer Intelligence at ING

Visual data output

Anglr analytics results can be easily:

Visualized with any data visualization tool

Distributed within your business organization to share insights

Looped back into your business processes and applications


Identify new insights and take action upon them

How do your clients perceive your business? What trends are emerging within your customer-support contacts? What pattern and insights do client related text data sources hold? Anglr helps you detect insights you didn't even expect to find. Insights you then can share within your organization so people can take action upon it.

Scan large amounts of text

Manual categorization of text takes a lot of time. Anglr detects themes and contexts and can match messages by content and name groups of messages bit itself. Anglr can be part of your business processes and analyze text on the fly to automate categorization, detect important messages, retrieve relevant information from your enterprise knowledge base.

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Aimed to developers in search of a flexible system to integrate in their systems so that they can deliver extra value to their business clients by using text analysis.

  • Clustering - clustering of similar messages to quickly extract key information and reveal patterns and key insights across data sources
  • Categorization - matching of similar messages beyond keywords
  • Naming of detected clusters or patterns
  • Concept extraction - detection of relevant topics and trends
  • Semantic (re)search - quickly extract key information from all documents

On premise

Oriented to businesses that prefer a taylored solution deployed in their datacenters to analyse unstructured enterprise data sets or fully integrated within the company's business processes.

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